Vehicle Finance Specialists

We can arrange vehicle finance on any motor vehicle, whether it’s a car or a van

Vehicle Finance

Vehicle Finance

As Vehicle Finance, Leasing and HP Finance Specialists, we provide fast and competitive vehicle finance and will source and secure the most competitive terms and rates for you on…

Motor Vehicles
New and used cars, LCVs & HGVs, Trailers, Mini Buses, Executive and Prestige Vehicles

Lifestyle & Specialist Vehicles
Motorhomes, Motorbikes, Caravans, Classic Cars, Luxury Vehicles, Buses and Coaches

Finance Options

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Provides options at the end agreement to…
  • Purchase the vehicle by paying the residual value
  • Part exchange the vehicle for another vehicle
  • Sell the car privately and settle the residual
  • Return the car subject to mileage and condition

Hire Purchase (HP)

  • Pay a deposit, typically between 10 and 50% of the purchase price
  • Fixed monthly payments typically between 12 and 60 months
  • Business users gain from tax allowances and payments are VAT free

Contract Hire

  •  The asset remains off the balance sheet
  • The rental can be offset against Corporation Tax
  • Up to 100% of the VAT can be reclaimed on payments
  • The vehicle is returned at the end of the contract term


  • 100% of the lease rental can be offset against Corporation Tax
  • At the end of the term you can hand the vehicle back or sell the vehicle and retain 95-99% of the sale price.

Hire Purchase with Balloon Payment

A balloon payment is a lump sum payment that uses the estimated future resale value of the vehicle at the end of the agreement period. The balloon payment reduces the monthly repayment to be made.


Benefits of  Vehicle Finance and Leasing

Leasing is a tax and cash efficient way of financing equipment for your business, it keeps the asset ‘off-balance sheet’ and offers the following key benefits:

  • ​It provides immediate use of the asset without paying for it all at once
  • It improves cash flow by freeing up working capital
  • The lease contract is structured for the length of time you require the use of the asset​
  • Sale & Leaseback allows you to release capital in assets that you already own
  • Leasing can be offset against Corporation Tax
  • HP usually involves a deposit and fixed payments over an agreed term
  • We can provide a solution irrespective of credit history or previous problems
  • Recovery Loan Scheme eligible

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