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Get an understanding of how much you may be able to borrow and at what terms prior to making a full application. Asset Finance, Leasing, and HP Indicative Terms provide an indication of the finance terms that we may broker for you.
Please note that Indicative Terms are subject to any conditions precedent and are not a guarantee that a lender will lend to you
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Asset Finance | Leasing | HP
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What are Indicative Terms?

Indicative terms are the likely commercial terms upon which, for example a lender will lend. Indicative terms are subject to the lender’s internal credit approval and other conditions precedent.

What does conditions precedent mean?

Conditions precedent is a condition or conditions to an event that must occur before a right, claim, duty or interest arises. In a loan, such as a mortgage, a condition precedent is an event that must be satisfied prior to a formal mortgage offer being made.