Property Hunter Finance

Property hunter finance provides property finance that’s available within 24 hours
Loans secured against an unincumbered property

Property Hunter Finance - Wattsford Commercial Finance

Property Hunter Finance

Clinching that special property deal, whether at auction or sale, can be made easier with Property Hunter Finance.

Property Hunter Finance is a facility that’s available within 2 working days to secure that deal.

The facility ensures that you’re able to hunt, locate and complete on property deals, whilst others are still looking at raising finance.

No charge is taken against the property being purchased as a 1st charge is secured on an unincumbered (without mortgage) property.

The Property Hunter Facility enables you to draw down and repay loans within agreed terms and when it suits.

Available funds are only charged when being used and there are no non-utilisation fees, making the facility really competitive and very quick!

Property Hunter Finance is available for 12 months, with the value of the facility determined on the open market value (OMV) of the secured property. The facility may be extended for a further 12 months without the need for a further valuation.

Key Features

  • Facility set and secured against existing unencumbered property
  • Residential (Non-Regulated)
  • Commercial
  • Semi-commercial
  • Facility from £50,000
  • Rapid drawdowns

Some benefits of using us

In addition to property valuations, building insurance, and legal support, we offer a wide range of additional services. For information on this, please see our Business Support Services and Trusted Partner Network.

Our business support and brokerage services include fully packaging and submitting your lending application proposal in addition to ensuring the most competitive rates and terms. We will ensure that your property hunter finance application is prepared quickly and efficiently. At the same time, we will keep you updated on your application’s progress in order that funds are available in the shortest possible time.

Our offer

In particular, we offer all our clients a truly ‘one-stop-shop’ facility, specifically to provide you with a fully managed and professional business support and brokerage service. Our mission is to secure the most competitive funding offer for your circumstance available from the whole of the market.

Whatever your property finance requirements, we offer a free, impartial, and confidential initial consultation and will quickly assess your funding options.

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