Property Marketing Finance

Property marketing finance is used to fund the marketing period once a development completes prior to units being sold

Property Development Marketing Finance

Property Marketing Finance

When a property development project completes with units unsold, property marketing finance, also known as property remarketing finance, can fund the property marketing after the development completes.

What types of projects are supported

  • Residential housing
  • Commercial property including single build and multiple units
  • Mixed-use commercial and residential units (semi-commercial)
  • Purpose-built student accommodation
  • Refurbishments and Conversions
  • Purpose-built such as nursing care homes

Summary of current key underwriting criteria

  • Applications should be supported by good evidence for local demand
  • Developments ought to show sufficient margin to absorb any possible fluctuations in the anticipated GDV of the project
  • The borrower or proposed main contractor should have a good CV and be able to demonstrate relevant experience

Indicative Terms

Get an understanding of how much you may be able to raise with property marketing finance and at what terms prior to making an application. You can use Indicative Terms to show that you may be in a financial position to start or finish a development.

Some benefits of using us

In addition to property valuations, building insurance, and legal support, we offer a wide range of additional services. For information on this, please see our Business Support Services and Trusted Partner Network.

Our business support and brokerage services include fully packaging and submitting your lending application proposal in addition to ensuring the most competitive rates and terms. We will ensure that your property marketing finance or refinance application is prepared quickly and efficiently. At the same time, we will keep you updated on your application’s progress in order that funds are available in the shortest possible time.

Our offer

In particular, we offer all our clients a truly ‘one-stop-shop’ facility, specifically to provide you with a fully managed and professional business support and brokerage service. Our mission is to secure the most competitive funding offer for your circumstance available from the whole of the market.

Tailored Property Marketing Support

Through our Tax Reclaims brand, we’re able to offer both Capital Allowances and Remediation of Contaminated Land (RoCL) tax reliefs.

  • Capital Allowances Tax Relief can offset the hidden expenditure in refurbishing your property. Typically, this includes elements such as air conditioning, wiring, heating, lighting and security systems – essentially everything that would remain in the building if you tipped it upside down! For more information on Capital Allowances Tax Relief (external link to Tax Reclaims)
  • Remediation of Contaminated Land Tax Relief (RoCL) is a government incentive designed to help UK companies bring back derelict brownfield sites back into use and remove contaminants from both land and property. For more information on Remediation of Contaminated Tax Relief (external link to Tax Reclaims)

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