Paying VAT in a Pandemic

VAT Loans - paid

For many businesses the COVID-19 pandemic has seen incredible amounts of change, some of it for the good and some of it not so. Despite this bills have to be paid and many businesses have taken advantage of the government finance support schemes such as CBILS and the Bounce Back Loan.

The government’s VAT payments deferral scheme ended on 30 June 2020, with the Chancellor announcing on 24 September 2020 that businesses who deferred VAT due from 20 March to 30 June 2020 will now have the option to pay in smaller payments over a longer period.

With the deferment scheme now closed and VAT bills to pay again, we offer a simple, straightforward solution for businesses to effectively manage their cash flow by taking advantage of our low cost with no arrangement fees VAT finance for VAT 100 returns over £10,000. Payments are spread over 3 months ensuring that you’ve no outstanding liability when your next return is due.

It’s easy to set up with no personal guarantees needed for loans less than £150,000.

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