VAT 100 bill over £10,000?

VAT 100 Loans

Do you pay your VAT quarterly?

Do you wish it didn’t impact your cash flow?

Many businesses put aside their VAT receipts to pay their next VAT bill whilst running an overdraft or using other lines of credit such as business loans, revolving credit and invoice finance. For many of these businesses there may be a more cost-effective way manage these Facilities by using VAT 100 Finance as an alternative.

VAT 100 Finance, often known as VAT Finance or VAT Funding is specific to your quarterly VAT return and can be paid over 3 months which spreads the payments rather than 1 large payment leaving your business bank account on the 7th of the month. With minimal interest charged and no arrangement fees it’s a facility that many of our clients return to every quarter.

Why not see for yourself how our VAT 100 Finance can improve your bottom line.

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