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Today, 17th December 2020, the government published new statistics that show businesses across the UK have to date benefitted from 1,515,280 government-guaranteed loans worth £68.1bn to support their cashflow during the crisis through schemes delivered by the British Business Bank.

This includes 1,431,987 Bounce Back Loans worth £43.5 billion, 82,618 loans worth £19.6 billion through the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme and 675 loans worth £4.97 billion through the Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loan Scheme. New figures for Bounce Back Loan Scheme Top-Ups reveal 62,311 loans have been approved valued at £0.56 billion.

In addition, figures for the Future Fund show that, to date, there has been £975.5m worth of convertible loans approved for 971 companies since the fund opened for applications on 20 May. This sum has been matched by at least the same amount from third-party investors.

Cumulative number of approved facilities Cumulative value of approved facilities Cumulative number of applications Application
success rate (%)
Bounce Back Loan Scheme 1,431,987 £43.54bn 1,887,967 76%
Coronavirus Business Interruption Loans Scheme 82,618 £19.64bn 186,522 44%
Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loans Scheme 675 £4.97bn 1,077 63%
Future Fund 971 £975.5m 1,432 68%

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