VAT Loans

If your VAT 100 Return is more than £10,000 per quarter, our VAT loans may improve your cash flow and help to pay off more expensive debt

VAT 100 Loans

VAT Loans – Spreads your Quarterly VAT over 3 Months

If your VAT Return is over £10,000 you can apply for a credit facility to spread the cost by paying in monthly installments, rather than 1 payment!

Many businesses put aside cash in order to pay their quarterly VAT Return whilst using more expensive finance to pay bills, expenses and manage debt such as business loans, invoice finance and credit cards.

VAT Returns are usually due one calendar month and 7 days after the end of an accounting period, this is also the deadline for paying HMRC and applies to all applicable businesses with a turnover of £85,000 per annum.

A VAT loan may prove a more affordable option than other forms of finance. With finance available from £10,000 per VAT 100 Return and no Personal Guarantees needed for VAT bills under £150,000.

VAT Loans, also known as VAT funding, VAT finance and VAT 100 loans work alongside your Quarterly VAT Return and can either be paid directly to HMRC or reclaimed.

With 3 equal monthly repayments, your quarterly VAT Return will be repaid in full before your next Return is due. This ensures that cash is kept within your business, improving working capital with the potential to remove the need to raise more expensive finance.

VAT loans are flexible for as long as you require the facility, whether that’s for a single Return or on a regular basis.

A VAT loan boosts your cash flow and has a simple application process with no complex application forms.

How do VAT loans work?

  • VAT Return for your accounting period paid directly to HMRC by your due filing date
  • 3 equal manageable installments to clear the facility in full before your next Return is due
  • No application or arrangement fees for using the facility, just a small transaction fee
  • The facility continues for so long as it’s required
  • No Personal Guarantees needed for VAT returns under £150,000
Please note that the minimum VAT Loan facility is £10,000 and that no personal guarantees are required for loans under £150,000.

Indicative Terms

Get an understanding of how much you can improve cash flow with a VAT loan for your business and on what terms before making an application.

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Our business support and brokerage services include fully packaging and submitting your business loan application in addition to ensuring the most competitive rates and terms. We will ensure that your VAT loan application is prepared quickly and efficiently. At the same time, we will keep you updated on your application’s progress in order that funds are available in the shortest possible time.

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