Buying a Trading Business with Property

Whether you’re an individual or limited company, buying your first trading business or have a portfolio of businesses to manage, we will broker the right mortgage for your property business.

If you’re considering buying a business as a going concern with property, customers, a good reputation and sales from day one, a trading business mortgage (also known as a commercial business mortgage) will often give the ability to raise larger amounts of money compared to a mortgage on property alone.

Trading businesses are generally sold based on the value of the property (including fixtures and fittings), goodwill and stock being sold with the business.

We provide ready access to all of the major Commercial Mortgage Lenders who are active in this market and who will look to provide a Trading Business Mortgage for you at competitive rates for up to 30 year terms. We can provide both capital and interest repayment schemes or ‘easy start’ interest only options.

In order to assess your best Commercial Finance option we will need to understand more about the business and confirm the ability to repay the mortgage from business profits or other sources of income.

If you are currently occupying a commercial property as a sitting tenant and running a profitable business then we can offer special rates and generally a higher loan to value ratio.

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