“Farming requires high levels of investment and the lack of sufficient funding is a major threat to these small businesses and their prospects” - Source DEFRA

Unlike many commercial finance brokers, Andrew Wattsford started his career in farming working as a student on a farm in Scotland for a year before going to Agricultural College in Nottinghamshire to study Agricultural Merchanting.  On graduation Andrew worked for an Agricultural Merchant in Northumberland and has continued to take a keen interest in farming and rural affairs.

Andrew’s background and interest in farming has given him a real understanding of the issues facing British farming and he continues to work closely with Rural Business Consultants and Farmer Networks to secure rural development funding, such as LEADER, when looking to raise agricultural and rural finance for clients including:

  • Livestock finance
    Our livestock experience covers dairy, beef, sheep and poultry. Our facility can be used repeatedly for auction purchases, B&B, heifer replacement or even new infrastructure.
  • Property renovation and repair
    We provide loans to help renovate and repair property assets, which result in capital appreciation or income generation.
  • Recovery and restructure
    We understand the need to take control and rationally plan when financial pressure is acute. Our facility can provide a window to achieve this.
  • Renewable energy
    We have considerable experience in financing AD, hydro, solar and wind power, for construction or operation.
  • Diversification
    We understand the need to create new revenue streams and support all types of business diversification, from holiday lets through to farm shops or new crops.
  • Purchase of land
    We help farmers move quickly to secure land and expand their business, as acreage may come available at any time and often at short notice.

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