ID Verification

As part of our regulatory requirements, we carry out Customer Due Diligence on the lead applicant which includes ID Verification, PEP (Politically Exposed Person), and Sanction List checks.

Please will the lead applicant, defined as follows, complete their details in the online form below. When you have completed the form below you will receive a separate email where you will be able to quickly verify your identity…

  • Limited Company
    The lead applicant must be either a director or shareholder with holdings of at least 25% of the company
  • Sole Trader
    The named party (applicant)
  • Partnerships and Trusts
    The lead-named partner or trustee
Personal details of lead applicant only


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Date of birth? (day/month/year)

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 We will use this information to send out our online ID verification to you and to keep your contact details on file for the purpose of dealing with your funding request. By submitting your contact details via this form, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy.