Commercial Mortgages

Looking to buy or refinance a Commercial Property?
We have access to some of the most competitive commercial mortgages, with up to 75% LTV

Commercial mortgages

Commercial Mortgages

If you’re purchasing Commercial Property for your own occupation, to lease, via a SIPP as a longer-term investment or perhaps you wish to refinance an existing property then speak with a Commercial Mortgage Broker.

As a commercial mortgage broker, we have ready access to all the commercial mortgage lenders that are actively seeking to lend, from £50,000 to £30 million. We’re able to access for our clients the most competitive rates in the market with terms up to 30 years.

The types of commercial mortgages are either an Owner Occupier Mortgage or Commercial Investment Mortgage.

An Owner Occupier Mortgage is where the property is used by the business owner to run the business from.

A Commercial Investment Mortgage is where the property is rented out to one or more business tenants, similar to a Buy to Let Mortgage.

What are Commercial Mortgages

Commercial mortgages are for properties where the whole property is used for business purposes. A semi-commercial mortgage is where there is a combination of both commercial and residential use.

Trading business mortgages are also available where the property along with the business are being purchased.

This can also include goodwill, fixtures and fittings.

Commercial property and land falls into different Use Classes as defined by the Town and Planning (Use Classes) Order.

For more information on Use Classes visit the Planning Portal.

Typical lending criteria – commercial mortgages

  • Up to a maximum of 30 years, dependent on the lender.
  • Maximum loan to value 75%.
  • Maximum age of 85 at the end of the mortgage based on the oldest applicant.
If you are currently occupying a commercial property as a tenant and running a profitable business, then we can offer special rates and generally a higher loan to value.

Some benefits of using us

Property valuations, insurances, legal support and much more are available through our Business Support Services.

We will fully package and submit your commercial mortgage proposal to ensure the most competitive rates and terms and ensure that your funding application is processed quickly and efficiently in order that funds are available in the shortest possible time.

Our offer

We offer our clients a true ‘one stop shop’ facility, our core competence is to provide you a fully managed and professional service that secures the most competitive funding offer available from the entire market.

Whatever your property finance requirements, we offer a free, impartial and totally confidential initial consultation and will quickly assess your funding options.

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Business Support – Semi Commercial Mortgages

Tax Reclaims brands

Capital Allowances Tax Relief may offset the hidden expenditure in your commercial property. Typically, this includes elements such as air conditioning, wiring, heating, lighting and security systems – essentially everything that would remain in the building if you tipped it upside down!

All UK taxpayers that own commercial property, personally or within an Ltd Company, may be eligible to claim Capital Allowances tax relief. The eligibility and value of the claim depends on multiple criteria and assessing this can be complicated, however, we can take this stress off your hands.

For more information on Capital Allowances Tax Relief, visit Tax Reclaims, a Wattsford Family Brand.

A government-backed Start Up Loan through the British Business Bank may be available to purchase stock provided that you’re either a start up or have been trading for less than 3 years.

Start up loans are available for eligible applicants who are over the age of 18, live in the UK and have a business that either hasn’t started trading yet or has been trading for less than 3 years. With a start up loan you can borrow between £500 and £25,000 per applicant (maximum £100,000 per business).

For more information on Start Up Loans, visit Business Starts, a Wattsford Family Brand.